Thread lift

The thread lift is an innovative technique for combating the effects of time and reducing the signs of aging.

What is it?

The natural production of collagen and elastin that tend to keep facial tissue taut and youthful-looking, diminishes over time. The skin begins to sag and shows signs of aging.

The thread lift is an innovative procedure, providing a gentler, less invasive but effective way of reducing the effects of time. It will lift and smooth facial tissue.

How is it done?

Doctors Hannoun and Hertzog use threads that are absorbable. They resemble tiny, two-way cones.

In the facial areas designated as needing « lifting » threads are carefully inserted (without using a surgical procedure). The natural contour lines of the face are respected and followed when positioning the threads. The natural production of collagen is accelerated and the skin looks smoother.

Signs of aging are reduced, lines smoothed out, the features are subtly “lifted” and toned and the face regains its more youthful contours.

This procedure obtains a real lift effect without surgery, redefining the eye area, the overall shape of the face, the neck, the cheekbones and cheeks. Facial harmony is restored with its natural contours.

There has been absolutely no sign of allergic reaction or rejection of the threads used by Doctors Hertzog and Hannoun to date. Thread lifts offer a safe and secure procedure. They have practices in Paris, London and Belgium.

How long will it last ?

Thread lifts as performed by Doctors Hannoun and Hertzog offer a good alternative to surgery, but the fact that the results will fade over time underlines that they cannot replace a conventional face-lift.

Thread lifts fall within the ambit of overall facial rejuvenation treatments and complement the use of injected fillers (hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, commonly known as BOTOX)

It generally takes between 30 to 60 minutes to insert the threads. The “toned” result lasts up to about 18 months.

And afterwards?

The lifting effect is immediately visible on the areas of the face that have been treated.

As this is a gentler, non-surgical procedure, the after-effects are straightforward. There may be some slight bruising or swelling or redness in some cases. This is quite normal and they will usually quickly disappear in the days following the treatment performed by Doctors Hannoun.

résultats fils tenseurs  - Thread lift

résultats fils tenseurs - Thread lift

résultats fils tenseurs - Thread lift

Meso thread

Doctors Hannouncomplementary manner using meso thread, placed under the skin to allow a restructuring effect and revitalizing facial.


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