The repeated contraction of specific facial muscles leads to the appearance of expression lines that will become more marked over time.
A natural product, botulinum toxin (botox) helps to relieve tension in facial muscles by reducing their level of activity. The wrinkle’s appearance is consequently reduced.

What is botox ?

Everybody has heard of botulinum toxin (botox): a specific muscle can be targeted and made to be more relaxed or even paralysed depending on the amount and method used!
It is important to understand that the botulinum toxin that is used for treating facial expression lines is only ever injected into the muscles under the skin on the face.

How is it done?

How an individual’s facial muscles are used reflects their state of mind, feelings and emotions: it is how we communicate who we are.
Before starting any injections, time will be taken to analyse your expressions both when the face is resting and when animated (you may be asked to exaggerate a bit!) This is an important part of the process, revealing an individual’s unique characteristics: muscle strength, mimics, moving symmetry, the importance of underlying bone structure supporting the muscles and skin. Using a skin-marker, all of these observed indications can be draw directly onto the face and will be taken into account when actually injecting.

How long botox will it last ?

What really stands out with our injection technique is that we practically never inject a large amount of botulinum toxin at any one time. We use extremely fine syringes that allow us to inject one-hundredth-of-a millimetre, or even one-thousandth of a millimetre of product! We are talking about micro or nano quantities of botox but, when introduced into the right spot, will give a far more natural result.

All areas on the face are treatable: forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, the nose, around the lips, the chin, the corners of the mouth, the jowls and the neck.

The needles used are extremely fine and any discomfort experienced during the microinjections is negligible.


And afterwards?

The results of this particular way of injecting botulinum toxin (botox) speak for themselves: the patient’s face has newfound rejuvenation, looks rested and well.

Sublime beauty !

Price of Botox injection

Price : In function of the injected area : from 150€ to 500€

botox injection


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