Magic Needles ®


Firstly, the micro-cannula creates a fine channel that facilitates the injection of fillers. Secondly, Magic Needles actually slide into the skin: their flexibility makes them easier to use and they are able to penetrate the skin without tearing it.

The practitioner will proceed with care, using the flexibility of the needle and without forcing it at all – the surrounding skin will be gently pulled back to allow for easy insertion of the needle.

Magic Needles Micro canule

No local anaesthetic is necessary before the procedure. The best approach is to use fillers that also contain a mild anaesthetic and this will allow the product to be injected without causing discomfort to the patient. The filler is distributed evenly in the skin as the doctor gradually slides the needle out. This is a delicate procedure that requires specific positioning of the Magic Needle in the dermis. That way, the procedure is painless for the patient. Magic Needles allow the right amount of filler to be injected using only one single injection entry point.

This aesthetic medical enhancement procedure has revolutionized how fillers are injected.

coupe de peau magic needleThe needle cannot go through the skin – it slips underneath the superficial (papillary) dermis inside the reticular layer.


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