Injecting with compassion

Up until now, needles used in aesthetic medical enhancement procedures were designed to penetrate the skin and underlying tissue as easily as possible. Regardless of their calibre, the fact that they had a sharp end made their use invasive. These needles incised the skin and caused bruising. It was painful for the patient and the aesthetic practitioner had little real control over the depth of the injection.

Different aspects of facial injections :
• Classification
• The unique nature of the procedure

How to distinguish micro-cannulas from flexible needles?

Injections using micro-cannula: characteristics

The use of flexible needles opens up new possibilities for injecting facial fillers. This is where the new era of injecting with compassion begins .
Numerous principles need to be followed in order to inject with compassion :
• Understand and take on board the concept of a flexible needle
• Handle the needle with care and take your time
• Avoid forcing or pushing the needle
• Move the skin by gently pulling it back to allow the needle to go in more easily
• Realise that the finer the needle, the more easily it will penetrate the upper layers of the skin and the more carefully it will need to be handled.


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